HR Group, founded in Edmonton Alberta in 1993, is a partnership of highly experienced management consultants who specialize in organizational effectiveness and human resource management, and promote participative, lean, and cost-effective management practices. All partners are Certified Human Resource Practitioners with extensive senior level experience in both the private and public sectors.

Sample Client Services

ORGANIZATIONAL REVIEWS – Over ninety (90) across Canada in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Recommendations for restructuring, reengineering, and productive human resource management practices. Assessment of management competence and recommendations for change where required. All reviews involved a highly participative process involving all staff wherever practicable. Key results were more cost effective, lean, and efficient organizational structures, clearer role definitions with delegated responsibility and accountability, flexibility through cross-training and multi-skilling, and reduction of costly bureaucratic policies and practices through lean management processes. Facilitation of “team” meetings to explain required changes and to foster staff buy-in and ownership. Ongoing coaching, advice, and assistance to all management and/or owners and Boards or Councils.

FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES – Reviews of the organizational effectiveness and HR practices of several family owned businesses, providing advice and assistance to the family in dealing with issues of overall direction, management, and succession.

GOVERNANCE REVIEWS – Review of regional library with over fifty (50) members and each individually represented on the Board of Directors. Recommendations of the review were the foundation on which all of the stakeholders in the region were able to work together to resolve the existing governance and service issues.

BOARD/COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT – Training and development in effective governance for several organizations in the municipal and not-for-profit sectors.

LEAN MANAGEMENT – Supportive Human Resource Management practices for introduction of lean manufacturing techniques for oil patch manufacturing company.

BEST PRACTICES – Program research and development for first Human Resource Management Executive Program in Western Canada (Calgary March 19 – 22, 1996). Program showcased best practices in Human Resource Management with foremost North American experts.

HR MANAGEMENT – Restructuring and management of complete Human Resource functions in a variety of large organizations with over 2000 staff and multiple bargaining units. Reviews of HR practices in several small to medium size organizations, especially those with no HR expertise on staff, resulting in greater productivity and staff retention.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH – Recruitment and selection services for numerous municipalities, not-for-profit agencies, and other clients across Canada. Costs based on actual work, rather than arbitrary percentage of salary.

COMPENSATION – Total compensation surveys for numerous organizations in all sectors with recommended compensation plans and policies based on our fundamental belief that any compensation plan should be easy to understand and administer, should reflect external market comparisons first and internal comparisons second, and should reward desired performance. It should also be fully explained and understood by all staff and should promote and support, wherever possible, the principles of multi-skilling and cross-training.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Design and implementation of management compensation and management performance programs, including self-assessment and multi-rater feedback, for several organizations in all sectors. Conducted 360˚ evaluations of national company’s executive staff in two provinces and Chief Executive Officers in public and not-for-profit sectors.

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Facilitation, planning, and direction of strategic planning workshops with various organizations resulting in consensus on, and commitment to, the purpose and values of the organization, the identification of short and long term goals, and definitive action plans to achieve them.

HR HELP LINE – Ongoing provision of advice and coaching on human resource management practices and employee relations through a toll free help line and email provided to all urban municipalities in the province of Alberta, Military Family Resource Centres across Canada, Better Business Bureau members in southern Alberta and mainland B.C., and several corporate clients.